Degree Advisors - Students who are completing the first year of programs and are intending to complete degrees at VIU should speak to a degree advisor.

Diploma Advisors - Students who are interested in the two-year technology programs should contact the Chair or Program Advisor of the department.

The Advising Centre provides advice regarding many aspects of student life, including:help with course registration, education planning, study tips,switching programs, dropping courses and much more.

Math Learning Centre provides a venue for students to drop in and get help from student-tutors; the centre is located in building 360 - room 303.

Computer Science Help Centre located in building 315 - computer lab 102 (schedule posted on door).

The Writing Centre is a free service that provides help for a range of writing assistance needs. Tutors are Faculty from various disciplines. The centre is located on the top floor of the library - room 474.