Course Planning

To make the most out of your program, it is important to plan your courses in advance in order to avoid conflicts and anticipate course loads.  To assist with this, we have indicated past and probable future offerings of Geoscience courses for identification of trends:

Course NumberCourse Title2020/20212021/20222022/20232023/2024
Geol 111Discovering Planet EarthX X XXX 
Geol 112Understanding Earth's History X X XX X
Geol 115Laboratory and Field Studies in Earth Science X X X X X
Geol 200MineralogyX X X X 
Geol 201Sedimentology and Stratigraphy X X X X
Geol 202Earth Structures X X X X
Geol 206Geological Field Methods and Mapping X X X X
Geol 300Igneous and Metamorphic PetrologyX    X  
Geol 301Caves and Karst Landscapes   X   X 
Geol 302Mineral ResourcesX    X  
Geol 303Engineering Geology   X  
Geol 304HydrogeologyX   X  
Geol 305Quaternary Geology  X   X 
Geol 307Applied Geophysics   X   X
Geol 308Geochemistry     X
Geol 312Environmental Geology X   X  
Geol 380Earth Science Work ExperienceOOOOOOOO
Geol 390Special Field Studies        
Geol 401Karst Field TechniquesX     
Geol 412Climate Change: Past, Present, and Future canc.  X   X
Geol 470Special Topics in Earth Science X   X  
Geol 480Earth Science Senior Work ExperienceOOOOOOOO
Geol 490Directed Studies in Earth ScienceOOOOOOOO
Geol 491Research Project in GeoscienceOOOOOOOO


O = No set time. By arrangement with instructor