Coho Fry


The Fisheries and Aquaculture Program has several scholarships and awards offered exclusively to Fish/Aqua students. To qualify and apply for Scholarships/Awards/Bursaries complete the "Scholarship/Award/Bursary Profile" in your student record.  The profile is open for entry from early September to March 31.

Note that you may change and update your profile up until the deadline dates as specified above. Your final submission as of October 31 will be used for "Bursary" selections, and your final submission as of March 31 will be used for "Scholarship & Award" selections.

Exceptions to these deadline dates are noted in the description of the award. Please note that additional applications may come available during the year and will be posted in our Bulletin Board section.

International Students: VIU has scholarships specifically for international students. International students can also apply for scholarships where financial need is not a criteria. Also as you may know, international students with 6 months of study completed can apply for an off campus work permit.  That allows to work part time during the school year and full time during the summer.

Other Scholarship Links

Pacific Salmon Foundation Volunteer Stewardship Community Bursary Program.  Applicants must be a full time student in good standing in at least second year of an accredited program that leads to a career supporting Pacific Salmon, and applications are accepted September 1 - October 30 every year.

Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC Scholarship Award (Applications accepted until April 29 for the following fall tuition). There are four $1,500 scholarships available!