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Jamie Gorrell, PhD

Office: Building 470, Room 115
Phone: 250.753.3245 Ext. 2314
Fax: 250.740.6482

  • Vertebrate ecology
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Molecular ecology
  • Conservation genetics


  • BSc Hons. Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo (2004)
  • MSc Laurentian University, Sudbury (2007)
  • PhD University of Alberta, Edmonton (2013)
  • PDF University of Alberta, Edmonton (2015)
  • PDF University of New England, Armidale, Australia (2016)


  • BIOL 121 – Intro Zoology
  • BIOL 345 – Molecular Ecology
  • BIOL 351 – Population and Community Ecology
  • BIOL 360 – Intro to Animal Behaviour
  • BIOL 375 – Ecological Methodology

Research Interests

My lab integrates field ecology and population genetics to study the behaviour, evolution, and conservation of vertebrates. We combine rugged fieldwork with cutting-edge molecular techniques to address theoretical questions and solve management problems. Students in my lab get the opportunity to take a leading role on important wildlife projects while learning how to collect and analyze field and genetic data. Examples of previous student projects include:

  • Conservation genetics of wild and captive marmots
  • Genetic diversity of wolverines
  • Effectiveness of camera traps to detect wildlife
  • Response of forest wildlife to seasonal drought
  • Molecular systematics of marmot parasites
  • Parasite load in wild and captive marmots
  • Seasonal movement patterns of wild and released marmots
  • Dispersal and gene flow in lynx
  • Genetic structure of Garry oaks

Contact me if you’re interested in a BIOL 491 independent project.


Please see my profiles on Google Scholar and ResearchGate for access to papers.