Coho Fry

Why study here?

Downtown Nanaimo, the "Harbour City"

Our campus is located in beautiful Nanaimo, nestled near the middle of the east coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. VIU is ideally situated to provide an exceptional Fisheries and Aquaculture program. We are close to the ocean, estuaries, streams, rivers, and lakes that are used in the Fisheries and Aquaculture curriculum. The variety of ecosystems accessible to students is exceptional. 

Vancouver Island is a magnificent place to live and learn, with easy access to nature and outdoor activities. Nanaimo's central location on the island gives residents easy access to spectacular fishing locations, surfing and the gorgeous beaches in Tofino, skiing at Mount Washington, and extensive mountain bike trails. Hiking, camping and exploring opportunities surround the city. Adventure is at your doorstep in Nanaimo.

VIU's Deep Bay Marine Field Station

The Fisheries and Aquaculture department has close working relationships with federal and provincial hatcheries, laboratories, private fish and shellfish farms, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  Students gain invaluable work experience at these sites as part of their practicum work experience courses. On campus, the Centre for Shellfish Research (CSR) is available for academic research and north of campus, the Deep Bay Marine Field Station (DBMFS) is used for both research and program field trips. 

Career Paths

Graduates of our programs find success in many industries. 95% of graduates are hired into related jobs within a month of graduation. A fisheries and aquaculture diploma or degree can open doors to a variety of employers and employment opportunities including roles in commercial aquaculture, enhancement, fisheries consulting, and hatcheries and graduate school.

Program Options

There are four programs available to pursue a credential in Fisheries and Aquaculture. For new post-secondary students, the 2-year diploma provides background academic theory as well as extensive training in industry standards. For students who have already completed a degree, the post-degree diploma will provide participants with practical skills and a credential that is specific to fisheries and aquaculture.

If you are a student who is already enrolled or intends to enroll in a bachelor program at VIU, and desire a degree focused on fisheries and aquaculture, there is the option of the BSc, Minor in Aquaculture or BA, Minor in aquaculture.