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Preferred rate rooms have been arranged at a couple of local hotels. Both hotels are on the #5 Fairview bus route to VIU.

More modest on-site accommodation is available at the student residences for $42/nt. Visit Conference and Event Services



Dining Around Town

There are a number of popular restaurants in the area if you wish to dine out. Some recommendations by local residents (all downtown):

Lunch on Meeting Days

There are a number of options for lunch on Tue May 12:

  • Main Cafeteria (Building 300)
  • Lower Cafeteria (Building 185)
  • Subway Restaurant on campus (Building 165)
  • University Village Mall (530 Fifth Street) - Subway, Lee's Chicken, Ai Sushi, Starbucks, Quality Foods grocery store with a sandwich counter

Recall that lunch on Wed May 13 will be hosted by VIU in Building 300 Room 401.

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