VIU Math Department

Map & Parking

Campus Map (opens in a new tab/browser)

Meetings will be in buildings 300 and 305 so lot N would be a good choice for parking.

Pay parking is available at several locations around the campus (note that pay parking is in effect 24 hours a day, including weekends). Purchase a ticket from one of the dispenser machines or meters.

  • For parking in Short-Term lots: $3 per hour; $6 per 2-hour maximum, from meters heads only.
  • For parking in General Access lots: $2.50 per 2 hours; to a maximum of $8 per 12 hrs . A General parking dispenser ticket is valid in ANY General Lot.
  • For parking in Econo lots: $2.00/2hours, $4.00/4hours or $5.00/12 hours
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