VIU Engineering Diploma and Certificate Program

Employment Opportunities

Engineering Instructor(s) (Sessional)

The Department of Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy has recently launched an Integrated Engineering Technologist Diploma, which leverages its successful first-year engineering transfer program to provide a pathway for students to employment as a professional civil or mechanical technologist. This program provides materials in a modular format, with each module approximately one month in length and instructed as a "shared teaching" collaboration with other members within the engineering instructional team.


The department is accepting applications for sessional instructors to support topical one month modules within courses to be offered in Fall-2021. Each module typically includes 4 -10 hrs of student contact hours each week, and may include both lecture and lab components. The topics of interest include (supported course, and instructional month and contact hours per week shown in brackets):

  • Fundamentals of MS Excel (ENGR 211, Sept - 4.5 hrs/week)
  • Introduction to Statistics and Probability (ENGR 211, Oct - 4.5 hrs/week)
  • Introduction to Engineering Design (ENGR 112, Sept - 10 hrs/week)
  • Introduction to Sustainability (ENGR 112, Oct - 10 hrs/week)
  • Health and Safety Principles (ENGR 212, Sept - 4 hrs/week)
  • Technical Communication for Technologists (ENGR 212, Oct - 4 hrs/week)

In addition to these shared opportunities, an appointment may also include solo instructional assignments for the following courses (contact hours per week over term shown in brackets):

  • ENGR 210 - Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) I (5 hrs/week)
  • ENGR 213 - Applied Hydraulics I (5 hrs/week)
  • ENGR 214 - Statics and Dynamics I (4.5 hrs/week)

This posting will close on June 16, 2021