Program and Course COVID-19 Summary

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Program and Course COVID-19 Summary 

  • All first-year Bachelor of Science programs will be fully online (lecture and lab) this fall.
  • Astronomy – will be fully online.
  • Biology – a select few upper-level Biology elective courses (BIOL 325, 357, 375, 491) have face-to-face activities planned. For BIOL 325 and 357 these activities will be optional and alternative arrangements will be made for remote students. For BIOL 375 and 491 these activities are required and students who are unable to attend campus are encouraged to pick alternative upper-level BIOL electives. More information can be found at Information for Biology Students
  • Chemistry – second year (CHEM 212, 222, 231) and select upper-levels (CHEM 312 and 491) will have some face-to-face laboratories.  While there is currently no option for 100% remote participation in the laboratory component, opportunities will be provided for students who miss a specific face to face activity due to illness. Alternatives may be available to allow remote students to participate in specific courses. Students should contact the course instructor.
  • Computer Science - will be fully online.
  • Geology – all second year and upper level Fall GEOL courses will have some face-to-face activities.  Alternative lab assignments or activities will be provided to students who cannot attend these activities.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture – A select number of FISH courses have NO face-to-face activities (FISH 123, 211, 227, 231/331, and 490).  All other FISH courses have reduced and safely run face-to-face activities.  Students in the diplomas will require Fall face-to-face instruction.   Those unable to attend on-campus face-to-face activities should contact the program Chair; an INC in a course is one option that will allow missed components to be completed in the Spring 2021 or during the next offering of the course.
  • Forest Resources Technology - Forestry students, both first and second year, should be available for face-to-face activities in the fall.
  • Math - will be fully online.
  • Engineering - will be fully online.
  • Physics – will be fully online.
  • RMAP –the RMOT diploma and BNRP degree will include face-to-face activities. Required face-to-face for 1st year cohort can be completed in Spring 2021 for first year students not in area for Fall.   The 4th year cohort is on a practicum semester with no required on-campus courses.  The 2nd and 3rd year cohorts have multiple courses (including service courses) with face-to-face required. Students unable to come to campus may take those courses in a subsequent year (although this may delay graduation date); if requested, a one-year leave of absence from program will be supported if a student is unable to participate in face-to-face activities.

Other Information

  • As many courses will be offered in alternate delivery mode due to COVID-19, students are expected to have access to adequate technology, which include:
    • A Macintosh, iOS or PC (Windows) device with audio and video capability.
    • A reliable Internet connection - High speed broadband access is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience.
      • Minimum bandwidth: 0.6 Mbps (up/down); recommended: 1.5 Mbps (up/down).
      • Check your Internet bandwidth using Speedtest.
    • Software needs: Microsoft Office suite (free to VIU students) or equivalent (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet browser, pdf reader. Some courses may have specific software needs.
    • Student Guide to Getting Started with VIU Technology
    • System check for VIULearn
  • Please make sure to check your email regularly because this is the main mode of communication from the university, VIU Registration and your instructors. We recommend that you check email at least once each day while taking courses and every few days outside of school time.
  • Many instructors use VIULearn Announcements to communicate course information, which you can receive via email. However, it’s important that you set up VIULearn to send you notification emails. See instructions below.

Setting Up VIULearn Email Notifications

  1. Log in to VIULearn.
  2. Click on your name at the top right of the VIULearn header.
  3. Select Account Settings followed by the Email tab.
  4. Under Forwarding Options at the bottom of the page, check the box for “Forward incoming messages to an alternate email account” and make sure that the address in the "Forwarding Email Address" box is correct and current.
  5. Select the Forward and mark read in the Inbox folder option.
  6. Click the Save and Close button.
  7. Click on your name at the top right of the VIULearn header.
  8. Select Notifications.
  9. Under Instant Notifications, make sure to check the boxes for "Announcements - announcement updated” and “Announcements - new announcement available”.
  10. You can also check the boxes for any other items for which you would like to receive email notifications (e.g. “Assignments - assignment feedback released”, “Grades - grade item released”).
  11. Click the Save button.
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