System of Aquaponics

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Would you like a career where you...

  • conserve, manage and enhance marine and freshwater aquatic resources?
  • work outdoors on lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean?
  • cultivate and harvest fish, shellfish or marine plants for the replenishment of wild stocks or commercial sale?
  • work in both laboratory and field settings?
  • work locally and/or internationally?

Then you may want to consider studying fisheries and aquaculture!

Fisheries & Aquaculture has long been an area of specialization at Vancouver Island University. Our programs provide unique practical field experience and academic skills required for exciting and challenging careers in fish and invertebrate culture, fish habitat & stock assessment, fisheries enhancement, conservation & management and research. 

Our Programs

Example Careers

Commercial Aquaculture

  • hatchery technician / manager
  • microalgae culturist
  • shellfish grower
  • fish farm technician / manager
  • fish health technician

Enhancement Culture

  • fish culturist
  • fish health technician
  • hatchery technician / manager

Fisheries Consulting

  • fisheries biologist
  • fisheries field technician
  • habitat restoration
  • stock assessment


  • fisheries biologist
  • research assistant
  • lab technician
  • graduate student


  • aquarist
  • sales
  • teaching
  • provincial or Federal government licensing agent
  • Environmental education outreach

Example Employers

  • Federal / Provincial Salmon Hatcheries
  • Environmental consulting companies
  • Federal / Provincial fish health laboratories
  • Private fish & shellfish farms
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Aquariums
  • First Nations communities
  • Private fish & shellfish hatcheries
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Lands
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC
  • BC Conservation Foundation