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Integrated Engineering Technologist Diploma

Be career-ready in 2.5 years

Get the skills employers are looking for with the Integrated Engineering Technologist Diploma at VIU. We work with industry engineers and technologists to make sure the program trains you in the skills and knowledge you need to work in this in-demand field.

You get hands-on training in a fully equipped engineering shop, and local engineering professionals teach some of the courses. You’ll see principles of engineering in action on field trips to engineering facilities and projects under construction. There are about five field trips each term.

Make industry connections

The program includes a mandatory, four-month, paid co-operative education placement (co-op), which is a great way to make industry contacts. You can do two co-op placements if you want. Between the field trips and co-op, you’ll be exposed to a wide range of engineering technologist jobs. You’ll graduate with a good idea of the kind of work you want to pursue—and the skills you need to be a top candidate.

What does an engineering technologist do?

Engineering technologists are builders and problem solvers. They understand project design and know how to make a design a reality. Engineering technologists play a vital role in the infrastructure that makes modern life possible. This includes:

  • bridges and tunnels
  • buildings and roads
  • water supply and flood control
  • power generation and conversion
  • manufacturing

What you'll learn in the program

You’ll learn about the design process in civil, mechanical and structural technologies. And you’ll learn project management principles for engineering designs and prototype manufacture. For a full list of the courses, see the course calendar.

Scholarships, awards and bursaries

Several scholarships are available to students in the Engineering Technologist program. For current students, you should ensure that your student profile is up to date to be eligible.

Start date and application deadline

The program starts in September and applications for admission are accepted from October to the end of March. Applications received after March 31 are considered late and will be processed as space permits.  

Transferring from another post-secondary school

If you have completed the common First-Year Curriculum at another post-secondary institution in BC, you may be eligible to transfer into the second-year of the Integrated Engineering Technology Diploma.  Please email the Integrated Engineering Technologist Advisor for more details.

Engineering Technologist students working on a model.

Want to learn more?

For more on admission requirements, fees, schedules and program details, see the course calendar page.

Integrated Engineer Technologist calendar page